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"pH MADNESS" is awesome because it's illustrated and very simplified for someone like me who is visual and new to this subject. The author makes it easy to understand the pH scale and how it applies to my body and the food I'm eating. 

I now understand the pH scale and how acids convert to alkalis and alkalis convert to acids which helps me make better food choices. I have pretty severe hand/foot psoriasis and this book taught me about the best foods & herbs I can eat to cure myself naturally. I learned why it's important to weigh myself and went out and bought a scale. I even lost 3 pounds over night! 

"pH MADNESS" taught me about the "whole" aspect of fruits, veggies, and nuts vs. dried and processed "super foods," which aren't whole foods. I learned why I crave sweet and salty and exactly why I need to stop eating cookies (I'm a cookie monster!!). I learned that living raw foods are self digesting which means the body has to do no extra work converting the food into energy. 

I learned why alkaline water is poison and was able to open a friends mind up to stop drinking it! 

The way the author compares the body to a fireplace through illustrations has greatly helped me understand the type of waste I'm making. The part about calories was great because I now understand the difference between the two types and the effect they have on me. I learned about what drugs really are and how they affect the immune system. This is important to my psoriasis situation. 

This book has changed my life.



From St. Louis

I attended one of Roger Bezanis’ Face Reading Classes. Illuminating, very illuminating. My disposition about face reading was best described as incredulous before I read his book. I can safely say it is it eye opening. His technique and teaching methods are so smooth and friendly. His book is good but the class made the book grow a dozen times. My understanding of face reading from the book was a 10, after his class it is a 25! I see it vastly different now. The depth of comprehension when coupling his class and book, bring face reading to life in stunning color.


Dr. A,

Pittsburgh, PA.


read both “pH MADNESS” and “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing,” these books saved my life. I Had fibromyalgia, or so seven Doctors told me. Then I found out I had cancer. Then I was given your first book but I don't read books. However since God must have it shoved it in my face, I read it. I was so impressed I bought the second. Amazing! I started treating myself with herbals that you formulated and home remedies that you mentioned in your books... Then I started doing what you said. In 3 months my Fibro started leaving. Now I water ski again and do whatever I want again. My esophagus cancer is retreating and I get stronger every day. I've told a lot of people about your book and sent them to your website. I can never thank you enough. God Bless You. Your knowledge is unreal. I believe every word you write. Nothing could have fixed my problems except fixing my kidneys like you stated.

Thanks again,
Charlie White


I thought I knew this stuff, then I read your book [pH Madness], OMG! I didn’t have a clue. I as drinking alkaline water which is like you said, NOT WATER. No wonder I was feeling so bad!!! I was getting sicker every day and didn’t know why! You saved my life literally!

THK you!

--C. Rocklin, Davenport, IA