Face Reading
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Five clothed,clear color photos

  • 1 Frontal Full Body Shot
  • 1 Profile Full Body Shot
  • 1 Head Shot (no smiling)
  • 1 Right Profile Head Shot
  • 1 Left Profile Head Shot




Allow 4-6 weeks to receive
(by mail) your personal
analysis with detailed
information from Roger

How to get your Face Reading

$150.00 per workup

Fill out, print & mail this form
Face Reading Agreement 
with your photos and check
"For Roger Bezanis' Eyes Only"
230 S. Olive Street
Ventura, Ca. 93001

IMPORTANT: Only Roger Bezanis will evaluate your photos and due to that the process can take up to 6 weeks. All photos sent will be returned with your evaluation. The photos will in no way be used for promotion unless a later agreement for such use is made between the photo owner and Roger Bezanis.

DISCLAIMER: Your face reading evaluation is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal any illness or disease real or imagined. Face Reading only calls attention to an interesting part of the face. The health of the body is determined via personal habits, diet and environment. Not by face reading