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Why Raw Food?
What Is Raw Food?

Why Raw Food?

When we comprehend the basics of life in a human body, we realize that we are part of a two component team. One part is the machine (the body) the other part is the driver (us).Just as we relate to a car we should also relate our host or body. We can drive into walls or over speed bumps thus damaging the machine. If we accrue enough damage, the machine will fall into disrepair.

All cells burn acid based hydrogen energy and release alkaline waste. Understanding the subject of pH is important, but not vital for an appreciation of this subject. All of the details of these mysteries are fully explained in English (not chemistry) in my book “pH MADNESS.” This book is so extensive and complete that chemists prefer it when explaining their subject to the lay individual.

We’ve all had some contact with the subject of enzymes. In a nutshell enzymes are active living acids that carry the life energy of the home organism where they are found.

Heating enzymes above 105 degrees kills them and burns the life out of the heated food where the enzyme was found.

Some try to replace the missing enzymes after the fact by using digestive enzymes. This is folly, as the dead cannot be raised without a miracle. Enzymes are no miracle. But they do seem to do something. What do they do? They help the stomach digest the almost unusable food matter previously eaten.

This is why eating Whole-Raw Food are so vital to the health of those who choose to make the switch. The body can heal from any malady with enough time and the right foods.

A full reading of “pH MADNESS” is life changing and life-saving. If you have not read it, do so. A new world awaits all those who dive-in and read this amazing little tome.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezains

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What Is Raw Food?

The preferences of humans vary based on locality and upbringing. In the United States the wealthy usually prefer to live in the hills with a view. Yet just a few miles away in Mexico the preference is reversed.

The wealthy prefer the valleys. We are the result of conditioning and habit. The same is true regarding our diet.

When it comes to food, man has morphed based on the size of the group he is part of and locality. Nomads ate differently than those in settlements and eventually cities.

Hunter Gatherers (nomads) ate what was available and never stayed in one location long enough to plant crops.

The 1st recorded use of crops occurred in the Nile Basin of Egypt over 6000 years ago. The Egyptians used the planting of wheat as a cheap way to feed cattle and eventually the masses.

The first Beer (a brew of 1% alcohol) was recorded in Egypt as a solution to the water pollution in the Nile.

The advent of cereal and grains such as wheat and rice seemed to be beneficial. Yet they laid the groundwork for a future of strange growths and unexplained weaknesses in the body.

All cooked carbohydrates (grains) convert directly to sugar in the body. This is the equivalent of eating white refined sugar. Sugar ingestion is directly linked to tumors, kidney failure, heart issues and all manner of body disturbance.

These severe body maladies were first recorded in Egypt as the eating of grains gained popularity. Occasional obesity was recorded as well.

Cooking creates new substances that are so damaging to the body they can cause all manner of problems.

This subject is not the focus of this article. Look for upcoming writings on this topic. Also get the book “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing” as it teaches the details that far exceed this articles capacity to convey.

The reason eating raw food is so beneficial is due to its wholeness.

Whole Raw Food is not cooked and has not been altered by man or machine even slightly.

Some may argue that dried foods are still whole and live. They are not, once the food has been dried or dehydrated some of its life has been stolen due to the process.

To a Whole Food Raw Foodist like me or those I teach, Whole Raw Foods are the only way to survive.

Whole Raw Foods are enzyme complete and life feeding. Cooked food conversely is life stealing due to the depleted state of the foods in question. Due to its nature, cooked foods tax the body during digestion.

Whole Raw Foods digest themselves allowing the body to use its vital energy to heal rather than straining to digest cooked dead gunk.

Some think that if a food has not been cooked at home it is raw. That is false. Junk food can be eaten hot or cold and it is still junk food.

Look at cereal. All Cereals are milled grains. Milling means the grains are ground to powder or a rough consistency leaving its enzymes dead.

Then they are bleached, cooked, fortified with vitamins, stuffed into bags and then boxed. The added vitamins allow the maker to claim nutrition where there is none. If it was not for the added vitamins we would be eating cardboard. The same is true for all bread.

There is no such thing as whole grain bread. That is a sales pitch. A stalk of wheat whole is alive, raw and energy packed with nutrition. Whole wheat bread is derived from flour created by grinding cooked wheat kernels. The actual grain or chunk of wheat found in the final product is a husk that has been cooked and sanitized via super heating.

There is nothing living in breads at all.

Otherwise one could plant a slice of bread in the ground and grow a wheat stalk. Good luck with that experiment. Tortillas, unleavened bread, rice, pasta and crackers are just as bad.

The same is true with pasteurized (cooked) juice, all cooked meat, all cooked veggies and all fruit which reach a temperature of 106 degrees.

Cooking kills nutrition period.

106 degrees is the threshold where life dies if it is oxygen-enzyme based. Life is fragile. Heat can be used to support it via killing bacteria. Yet if the heat is raised too high, all life dies.

Humans who reach a core temperature of 106 degrees do not survive. Neither do enzymes found in food. The same enzymes that keep your cells functioning make food nutritious.

Once cooked, food is dead as its enzymes have been destroyed via the cooking. Just as you would not survive boiling, broiling, microwaving, freeze drying or freezing neither does your food.

The effect of freezing on food will be the subject of another article.

No amount of after meal enzymes will invigorate cooked dead food in your body. If food is eaten cooked and dead, it stays dead. Cooked food stays dead, regardless of what the sales pitch for digestive enzymes states.

The only thing that enzymes do is boost stomach acid a tiny bit. This can be beneficial to aid in dealing with the gunk of a cooked meal.

Yet the strain of the cooked food meal exceeds the capacity of the enzymes to really help. The solution is “DON’T EAT COOKED FOODS!”

Enzymes are a sales pitch period. Reviving the dead is left to miracles performed by the Almighty.

Cooking kills. But just because something is not heated, this does not make it raw.

I have had discussions with people who thought oatmeal was safe to eat if they did not use warm it with hot water. Sorry, oatmeal does not grow on trees or in the ground.

Oatmeal has the nutritional value of wallpaper paste and can be used as such. It is a worthless throw back to ancient Egypt when the masses were fed with cheap food-like substitutes.

Wine and alcohol are not raw either. If it does not grow on a tree, in the ground or walk on the Earth with hoofs, do not eat it.

There are bible quotes on what to eat on the land. Sadly what comes out of the seas an water found inland is no longer safe to eat.

Many want to eat Raw Fish. This is a serious mistake. The amount of toxicity found in our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams is so prohibitive to human life, ingesting it leads to inevitable illness.

I will be writing exclusively on this in upcoming articles.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis

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