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Acai Berry
Aloe Leaves
Anise Seeds
Ashwagandha Bark & Root
Astragalus Root
Barberry Root
Birch Leaves
Black Cohosh Root
Black Walnut
Black Currant
Blessed Thistle
Blue Cohosh Root
Borage Leaf
Bupleurum Root
Buckthorn Bark
Burdock Root
Butchers Broom
Cascara Sagrada Bark
Catnip Leaves
Cats Claw
Cayenne Fruit
Cedar Leaves
Chaste Tree Leaf
Cherry Bark (Wild)
Cherry Fruit (Raw)
Chestnut (horse)
Chickweed Leaves
Cinnamon Bark & Twigs
Clove Bark
Comfrey Root
Corn Silk
Cowslip Leaves
Cramp Bark
Cranberry Fruit
Cranberry Fruit Raw
Dandelion Root
Devils Claw
Dong Quai Root




Acai Berry:  A Brazilian berry which has become better known and popular on the world front since the early 1990’s. As a tonic it is commonly used for stamina and energy. Noted as an immune system booster, infection fighter & heart protector it also which aids the reproductive system. As a food it is found in wine & is revered as an energy food. Acai pulp is use to make wine.

Aloe Leaves: A common popular & considered safe remedy for constipation, its fresh leaves have tremendous value in aiding the healing of cuts and burns when applied topically. As a digestive purgative it usually works in 24 hours or less. Aloe has a marked effect on eradicating parasites found in the colon. Many find relief with use of aloe for hominoids.

Anise Seeds: Valuable in breaking up congestion and provides a soothing effect in the colon. It is known to relieve flatulence & bloating. The host flower is commonly found throughout the Mediterranean coast and inlands. Anise is found in various seasoning combinations and has a taste similar to licorice.

Ashwagandha Bark & Root: Known as an immune system aid and as a tonic a booster. If positively affects both the liver and kidneys. Other common names for Ashwagandha are Indian ginseng and Winter Cherry. It was first used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is well thought of and in great use worldwide.

Astragalus Root: Enhances the immune system an aids it in defeating bacteria, infection, colds, flu and allergies. Its use improves colon and intestinal function as well as supporting the lungs in expelling phlegm.

Asparagus: Known for its effect on the kidneys it is a natural diuretic but must be used carefully as all diuretics cause the kidneys to spontaneously release fluid. Asparagus is most beneficial when found in a group of herbs unless fluid buildup is a chief concern.

Barberry Root: Found originally in Europe and North Africa it is a colon tonic or purgative for constipation based on the amount used. As it affects the colon it also has a mild effect on the liver.

Birch Leaves: Acts as an astringent to the kidneys causing them to release fluid and therefore is an anti-inflammatory. Beware of over use as it has a powerful effect on the kidneys.

Blackberry: Beneficial for liver, kidney and colon issues, it is healing for colon inflammation and diarrhea. Infections can be brought under control when blackberry is used. Traditionally it has been used for dysentery.

Black Cohosh Root: Has the ability of neutralize toxins via supporting the kidneys and aiding the liver. It is most noticeable when used with kidney issues. Woman love Black Cohosh for aiding PMS & cramps. Because it supports the kidneys it is believed that it reduces arthritis pain as the kidneys regulate the joints.

Black Walnut: Known to be a digestive aid, black walnut is better one of the big three components in parasite for inner body detoxing. The other two are worm wood and clove. Black walnut is most effective on intestinal parasites.

Black Currant : The dried berries are known to lower temperature and support the immune system. It further aids the immune system by encouraging the body to sweat. But use of it should be carefully watched as black current acts as a diuretic taking the kidneys offline.

Blessed Thistle: Has a reputation as a liver tonic. As a digestive aid the herb helps the liver regulate the colon and intestinal tract. With its use circulation is often improved.

Blue Cohosh Root: Well known for its effect on the uterus, it causes contractions and therefore should not be used during pregnancy until birth is desirable. Since its effect can be quite dramatic one must be wise in its use.

Boldo: Boldo is a dual liver and kidney herb. It is as a diuretic, laxative and supports joint health by helping the kidneys move lactic acid out of the joints. Bold has a long history of use in South America as a remedy for gonorrhea.

Borage Leaf:Is a marvelous herb for the kidneys. If is loved by the adrenal glands (which sit atop the kidneys) and may be the best herb for them. The kidneys are the master organ of the body, when they are happy the body is happy.

Boswellia:  A popular Ayurvedic herb, known to be good for inflammation (swelling). It is often used topically for pain relief. Used orally it is well suited to aid and energize the kidneys by allowing them to process a back log uric acid and lactic acid lingering in the muscles and joints. Its uses are quite broad.

Bupleurum Root:  Hands down the best herb on the planet to support the structure and function of the liver. It aids the liver in taking its next step in its process to unburden the body of toxic waste. The Chinese have used it for thousands of years.

Buckthorn Bark: It affects the liver and gallbladder and is known to increase bile flow which acts as a stool softener and bowel stimulant. Better bile flow is why buckthorn bark is used as an aid for constipation.

Burdock Root: Is known to aid the kidneys in protein synthesis. It is known to be a diuretic making the kidneys release fluid. It is a powerful kidney herb promoting hair growth by supporting and detoxing the scalp which is maintained by the kidneys.

Butchers Broom: Improves circulation especially to the extremities of the hands, legs and feet. It constricts blood vessels and has been used for all venous problems such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It is positive for kidney function.

Cascara Sagrada Bark A powerful bowl stimulant. Used when constipation is present, it is common ingredient in laxatives. Daily use of 1 mg or more of cascara Sagrada can stain the bowel wall. This is not critical as the staining dissipates when use is discontinued. People who want to use this herb daily will find it useful to change their diet which eventually will decrease the need for cascara Sagrada.

Catnip Leaves: Aids digestion balancing digestion. Many find that it has a calming effect on the liver and therefore is good for poor moods and depression. Some tests indicate if aids the body in reducing inflammation.

Cats Claw:: (Una de Gato) This herb suffers from “it does everything syndrome.” Here is what is known, it aids entire digestive tract & because of that it strengthens the immune system by getting nutrition up to the liver for conjugation & release to the cells.

Cayenne Fruit: Is the king of circulation. It has the ability to enhance and make stronger all herbs it is used with. Used to warm the system and heal ulcers, it is sometimes called African Bird Peppers.

Cedar Leaves: Is an amazing herb that has a wonder healing effect on the bladder, reproductive system & kidneys. It is touted for its ability to cleanse the blood and support the lymphatic system and increase blood flow.

Chaste Tree Leaf: Is excellent for supporting all levels of kidney function. Has a dramatic effect in reducing PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps. It even has a positive effect on menopause. Chaste Tree also supports the liver to a degree.

Cherry Bark (Wild): Clears the lungs and is good for all lung issues. If a cough is present Wild Cherry is remarkable supporting the liver. If the sinuses are clogged, swollen or irritated, wild cherry is beneficial.

Cherry Fruit (Raw): Lowers blood pressure, sooths achy joints, aids the reproductive system and is a remarkable tonic for sexual function, all by feeding and supporting the kidneys. Raw Cherries are different form Cherry Bark seen below.

Chestnut (horse): Has a dramatic effect on intestinal parasites. It also is quite soothing when use for hemorrhoids and inflammation in the body. It also supports lung function and aids the lungs in eliminating parasitic infection.

Chickweed Leaves: Aids the body by decongesting the lungs and smoothing the skin. It has a history of success when used for warts buy supporting proper liver function. It aids the liver in correcting cholesterol levels in the blood.

Cinnamon Bark & Twigs: Is a remarkable soother and aid for the kidneys and adrenal glands. It has an almost magical effect on the ureters and renal function of the kidneys. It heals blood vessels by supporting the kidneys and corrects joint issues. Finally it acts as a taxi system delivering nutrition body wide.

Clove Bark: This herb is well known; for its anti-parasite action on ringworms & roundworms. It warms the body and has a clear use when used at times of seasonal ills. It positively affects the liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys and digestive tract.

Comfrey Root: Has a marked effect on the liver in supporting the breaking up of congestion in the lungs while strengthening the bowel. The remarkable power of comfrey to aid lung issues has almost eclipsed its other uses.

Coriander: Commonly found as an ingredient in Mexican food it has a warming effect on the system and is good for circulation. It aids the stomach and sooths indigestion. It also aids flatulence yet, flatulence is caused by a poor diet.

Corn Silk: A misunderstood herb that is often used for all manner of kidney issues. The herb overwhelms the kidneys causing them to become subservient to its effects as it squeezes the body & kidneys free of water. Use carefully and only under extreme conditions.

Cowslip Leaves: Is seldom used in recent times yet is a great aid to the liver. Those with liver symptoms including insomnia, wrestles sleep, irritability and bad moods start to feel relief with its use. Bupleurum is more common & more powerful.

Cramp Bark: Cramp Bark has been the subject of much lore. Here is the truth, it supports the kidneys and in doing so aid all joint issues which are regulated by the kidneys and heart issues for the same reason. It is a good solid herb.

Cranberry Fruit: In herbal form it aids the kidneys, bladder, reproductive system and pancreas. Yet not all Cranberries are equal. Cranberry juice is practically useless as it is mixed with sugar. If you drink cranberry juice and it tastes palatable, pour it out it is worthless.

Cranberry Fruit Raw: The raw fruit tastes bitter & dirty, yet, if you acquire a taste for the little red berries they have a tonifying effect on the kidneys. The use of fresh cranberry berries are a great prophylactic keeping the kidneys healthy.

Damiana : Fantastic kidney aid. The herb has a reputation for being only for women, this is false. It aids the reproductive system (via the kidneys) of both sexes. The belief that it is an aphrodisiac is false. Yet, when the kidneys function correctly, the sex drive is improved. It is a mild stimulant and light diuretic.

Dandelion Root: The root is a terrific aid to the liver, gallbladder & spleen. A healthy liver produces better moods, clearer vision, better digestion, improved sleep, less right shoulder pain & clearer thinking. Its use with Bupleurum makes for a dynamic duo.

Devils Claw : This herb is popular in Africa and parts of Europe. It is an effective aid for the kidneys, relieving low back pain, joint pain, joint swelling, tissue and muscle soreness and general kidney issues. It also has a mild effect on digestion.

Dong Quai Root: Dong Quai sufferers from a belief it only supports the female reproductive system. This is false. It supports both. It aids the liver in breaking down hormones while supporting the spleen and heart as well. It is a marvelous herb tonifying both the liver and kidneys and even aids the digestive tract.

Echinacea: Is a true herbal anti-biotic fighting infections body wide raising the level of fight in the immune system. If supports the spleen, liver, lymphatic system and digestion. It stimulates the bone marrow allowing it to produce plentiful white blood cells. It is effective for colds, allergies, infections and viral issues.

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