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The Materia Medica (the European Herbal Text) routinely describes Milk Thistle as a “liver protector.” That is factual yet a curse at the same time.

Milk Thistle suffers from “everyone knows syndrome.” We repeat what we’ve heard without examining the results ourselves. We not only don’t experiment with it ourselves, if we did, we would not know how to do such a thing.

Milk Thistle is touted to excel at healing every possible liver issue known to man. We in the West love it. But do we really understand it?

Validating Science and Shattering Rumor

Science: A systematic body of knowledge derived via experimentation and observation.

We are often led to believe that only the very educated or elite with the highest of degrees such as phd, diplomat or professor status can derive scientific findings.

False, to a greater or lesser degree we are all scientists as we have been experimenting with ourselves for our lifetime. At the very least we are culinary scientists.

Science: A systematic body of knowledge derived via experimentation and observation.

The definition of science is applicable to any subject. One, who does experimentation and observes his or her results, if repeated often enough with enough attention to detail, derives scientific findings.

Factually face reading and its outgrowth “Diagnostic Face Reading” sprang from 20 years of observational findings repeated over time.

Diagnostic Face Reading is been built on 20 years of findings that are reproducible via application of the tools found in “Diagnostic
Face Reading and Holistic Healing” (DFRHH) and reinforced via the
“Diagnostic Face Reading Pro-Study Course.”

The findings found in the DFRHH and this course are derived from
but not borrowed from the previous 5000 years of Face Readers
before my works.

You are learning how to look and evaluate data that is right in front
of you. The tools of probing with questions are also learned in
DFRHH and this course.

Self-study is valuable science if it is based on repetitious
experimentation and evaluation of the data. Your findings are more
valid than any lab derived work, as it is work you formulated.

The data garnered from my work led to Diagnostic Face Reading.

Regarding Milk Thistle its action runs counter to Chinese and
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda derived from India.
These two are the oldest healing herbal traditions on the planet.
Not only do they not use Milk Thistle, they do not recognize it
usefulness. Odd, is it not?

What do we in the West know that the rest of Ancient Herbal
Healing does not; perhaps we know something perhaps not.

In the West we understand or at least speak about the healing
crisis. The idea behind the healing crisis is that we will feel worse
before we feel better. This is demonstrably false. Feeling worse
prior to feeling better is caused by one thing, autogenic toxicity.

What is autogenic toxicity? It is waste that we previously absorbed;
leaching back into the system. This is due to stimuli causing the
release. Simply we are releasing toxins (via detox) faster than the
body can process them and thus we are reabsorbing them again.
This is another way of describing toxicity.

Toxicity is created by ingesting a toxin that overloads the detox
pathways of the body, and then spills into the system, where cells
as the last line of defense, must now chamber the waste.

As you can see, toxicity and autogenic toxicity (caused by self), are
basically the same thing, the difference being the location of origin.
Are the toxins newly coming in to the system or are they newly being released from the cells and now being reabsorbed?

Detoxification increases the body’s ability to process waste. At no point during detoxification should we feel worse unless we are doing something wrong by stirring up more waste than our pathways can process. The idea of the healing crisis tries to make positive sense out of autogenic toxicity. Detoxification should never hurt. Again, if it does, we are doing something wrong.

What sort of things do we feel experiencing autogenic toxicity?
Autogenic and normal toxicity result in the same symptoms; cold, flu, headaches, fever, skin irritation, frequent urination, back pain, bad moods, insomnia, sore shoulders, sore joints, irritated eyes, lung issues and more.

An effective liver aiding herb or liver formula works rapidly reducing the above symptoms.

Ancient Chinese physicians knew the importance of using liver remedies that successfully and quickly reduced liver symptoms. They had to perform near miracles as the emperor was the patient. Failing the emperor meant possible beheading or removal from the royal court and living life as a pauper.

As I tested herb after herb to establish the workability of the Chinese model of “liver symptoms reduce when the right liver remedy is given,” I discover data that was irrefutable.

Dandelion, Bupleurum, Gentian and many more herbs reduce liver symptoms when used. The one herb that should have done this job but did not, in any quantity or type was Milk Thistle.

This testing is reproducible by anyone. Using Milk Thistle a “liver protector,” works against the liver, protecting it, when it should be protecting us.

The liver is the lynchpin of our immune system and is built to be in a fight. The moment a substance comes in contact with the body be it via the skin, mouth / stomach / digestive tract, lungs or eyes the material is in contact with an organ the liver manages.

From first contact with the body food or toxins are shipped to the liver for processing. At the liver, ingested material is converted into
chemicals that should either be excreted as waste or turned into energy.

The liver defends itself by the ability to self-regenerate. Up to 25% of it can be cut out or destroyed and it will regenerate quickly.

This specialized ability is in place as the liver never sleeps, rests or takes vacations. We never want to shield or protect the liver as doing so interrupts it from doing its vital jobs.

If the liver is offline or not doing its job we feel the aforementioned symptoms of toxicity. Using Milk Thistle consistently produces these effects without end until its use is discontinued. That is not a healing crisis it is autogenic toxicity or straight toxicity.

Not understanding this, we “think” these symptoms are the parts of the mythic, “healing crisis,” which we learned earlier is the stuff of fantasy. Feeling bad means the body is toxic nothing else.

The European Materia Medica clearly states again and again that Milk Thistle is a liver protector. Over time the rest of that statement must have been lost.

I suspect the full statement read something like the following:

“Milk Thistle is a liver protector and because of that should never be used, as protecting the liver hinders its ability to do its job.”

The reputation that Milk Thistle carries is fascinating as its actual use proves to produce the opposite effect. Yet we justify these irritations as cleansing responses. Nothing could be further from the truth. These results have been reproduced by thousands since my work began the subject of Milk Thistle in the 1990’s.

Based on my testing and that of hundreds of doctors who have also had the same results, I don’t recommend the use of Milk Thistle under any condition. The liver should never be protected or on vacation.

User, beware.
Roger Bezanis
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The Simplicity of Detox

We have all heard the term detox bandied about. For many it is an obsession, for others they know of it but do not know how it is achieved. For them it is a word without substance, without meaning. At most it is an annoyance and something achieved behind the doors of a center where celebrities disappear hoping to come out sober.

To understand detox we must have a way of thinking of the body that lends itself to clear examples. Therefore, think of the body like a sponge.

On the most part, a sponge is a good comparison for the body as they both take in material and excrete waste.

Cells are the source of energy for the body as their mitochondria (micro energy production plants) take in chemicals sent to them by the liver.

The liver is a production facility churning out nutrients and hopefully detoxing waste before it can enter the body. The liver is our most active organ behind the heart as it performs over 500 life supporting procedures a day.

We cannot discuss detox without understanding what preservatives are.

Preservatives can be acidic or alkaline and processed or direct from nature. The key is that they arrest cellular function causing the cell to freeze in time. It ceases to be alive. After preservative contact, the best that can be said of life, is, it is embalmed.

A cell should have a beginning, middle and end to its life. Some cells are rapidly replaced whereas others may have a 7 to 15 year lifespan.

If the processes of shedding and replacing cells is; interrupted by carrying toxic preservatives, the cells do not self-destruct as planned.

They are joined by new cells which take on the attributes and toxicity of the cells around them. This is the beginning of tumors and cancer.

Medical science actively is looking for the genes behind tumor proliferation. Yet it is the correct function of the cells protecting the body from toxic waste that holds the key. Cells holding preservative toxicity cause the masses called tumors.

Some common preservatives include:

  • Salt of all types
  • Sodium (also used as a flavor enhancer)
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • BHA
  • BHT
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Propyl Gallate
  • Monosodium
  • Glutamate (MSG)
  • Trans Fats
  • Aspartame (used as a sweetener)
  • Acesulfame-K (used as a sweetener)
  • Food Colorings such as Blue 1, 2, Red 3,
  • Green 3, Yellow 6
  • Potassium Bromate
  • Olesta (found in diet foods to block fat absorption)

To get a better grip on preservatives read “Preservatives and Life” at rogerbezanis.com

Toxins of all sorts are stored in human tissue to prevent damage. When enough are assimilated the body starts to morph into various degrees of disease and even cancer.

The body is not defenseless against toxicity as it uses circulation, the lymphatic system, digestive tract, kidneys, lungs, liver and spleen to fight back.

Yet, these organs and systems can only work to dismantle these irritants if they are loosely floating free in the system.
The liver is the lynchpin of the body’s defense mechanisms. But like any system or machine it has its limits as to how much work it can get done in one day.

The body was constructed at a time when Earth toxicity may have been 1/5000 of what it is today. Factor in mankind’s ingenuity creating new and more potent chemicals for his amusement and convenience and the number are off the scale.

Consider this; at a time when toxicity was at an all-time low a fellow named Jesus mentioned in a book called the Bible, fasted for 40 days in the desert to gain clarity.

With the above in mind, what are our chances for excellent toxin free living today? Not so good?

There are three methods of detox which involves the loosening and moving of preservatives that pickle our cells.

They are:

Diet change

Exercise uses vigorous activity to force cells to release their toxic holdings. This allows the freed waste to be grabbed by the liver and its associates. Once in contact with the immune system, the former waste is detoxed by chemical process. Then it is safely excreted through our eliminative channels.

Diet change if done correctly, does two things:

1) It stops poisoning via diet which otherwise is a daily problem.

2) It allows the body to start processing old waste due to not having to defend itself from daily ingestion of the toxic waste in our “foods. ”

Detox is a method that uses chemicals drawn from nature via herbs or their derivatives such has Homeopathy, to force the body to release waste.

There are two forms or detox:

1) Is done on the perimeter in the fatty tissue squeezing toxins from their housing.

2) The other method uses kidney, liver and colon supportive herbs to enable them to function at peak levels. This allows them to invite toxicity from the cells for breakdown in the liver, kidneys and colon.

Detox is not difficult yet it takes work. The benefits are beyond expectation as most people are not running at peak performance.

The only issue one needs to worry about when detoxing is moving too fast or faster than the body is able to process waste.

Common issues folks run into when doing a detox are feeling tired, flu like symptoms, headaches, bloating and even skin breakouts.

Detox symptoms, often called “the cleansing crisis” is not a crisis at all, but the reaction to waste being stirred up and not removed.

If waste is freed and starts moving but does not escape the system it is reabsorbed. The reabsorption of waste makes the body re-experience the irritant as it resettles into the cells.

This is the entirety of the “cleansing crisis.” This response is managed and even erased if the person doing their inner body cleanse gives themselves two weeks of liver and kidney preparation before they start their deep inner cleanse.

An effective inner body cleanse take at least 3 months to complete. It is not a race and there is no bonus for finishing first. The reward is in the feeling of being clean internally.

The reward is in better sleep, great skin, endless energy without stimulants, zero constipation, no more sore joints, perfect nails, improved eyesight, rapidly growing hair, less gray hair, looking younger, feeling younger, elimination of growths, improved sexual function, smoother balanced emotions and aging at the correct speed.

The choice of products to use to achieve this end is not part of the purpose of this article.

The biggest consideration is being patient and not rushing as there is no benefit only pain in rushing.

A three month detox can be done once and sometimes twice a year. If one discovers that they need to do a detox more often than once a year, the diet and environmental exposures must be reduced. Otherwise the detox process is a Band Aid solution.

If you have not done a detox in the last 12 months, it is time to do it again.

Do a detox and take your time, the process can change your life.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis

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Jewelry, Metals & The Body

The body like any machine runs on energy. It runs via chemical conversion of what is eaten, whereas other machines use electrical current or combustion for their energy.

It is accepted via numerous healing modalities that the body is imbued with an energy grid that covers its frame from head to toe. This grid is much like a city grid connecting every cell in the body.
There is also something more powerful than energy that covers the body. This element is so powerful, it alone can create energy. This element is thought also known as intention.

We see the speed and power of thought in action when we think of someone and suddenly they appear or call us. The power of thought is so huge it can’t be measured via instruments. It can only be measured by results.

The existence of the Supreme Being that is given credit for creating mankind and the universe exists on pure thought.

How fast is thought? The moment we think of something we are there. Think of a time you were 6 years old, now 13 and then 20. You traversed time with each thought.

This connection is shared by the cells of the body.
If an event of any type happens to the hair on the head, the information about the situation is suddenly body wide.
Therefore both electrical current and thought spans the entire length of the body. Yet thought that can create energy.

Thought runs beyond the speed of light whereas energy is light. Thought moves energy currents yet thought is faster than energy. Light speed does not compare to the speed of thought.

Thought / Communication and energy universally pour over the body.
Without question the body is a sentient being full of sentient cells that host us until death.

Therefore the body is a series of connected parts working in harmony. Its parts work synergistically creating homeostasis or balance for the expressed purpose of common survival.

Speed of interchange = health. A being that runs slowly is constipated on a cellular level. The use of painkilling medications and drugs causes cellular constipation.

The other end of the spectrum is acceleration. If the body runs at an accelerated cellular speed the body soon burns out and collapses. This is what cocaine & meth amphetamine users do to themselves.

A body / cells running at an accelerated speed burn out quickly and collapse.

On an intellectual level the faster a being can interchange and thus respond to communication, the more power and survival the being will have.
The above paragraph contains part of the mystery as to why humans obsess over chemicals that speed him. He wrongly thinks this state of acceleration is superior mixing it up with the power of thought speed that is pure power.

Via thought speed the body is fully capable of identifying all that it comes in contact with within milliseconds of association. If you have noticed, the mere smell of a healthy food instantly causes calm and a lessoning of hunger symptoms.

If we smell an orange, tangerine or healthy uncooked food, it immediately causes a calming in the body. Food that is cooked becomes an intense chemical agent. If smelled it causes a knee jerk “got to have it” reaction.

Cooked food causes nerves to go haywire. Our response to it is facilitated by its powerful antagonist chemicals.
This is why whole raw foods are so calming to the body; they harmoniously walk in step with our cells.

Cellular communication serves the purpose of protecting and warning the host (us) of pending dangers. Yet we are not skilled in understanding these “symptoms.” My book “Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing,” fully maps these out.

The target of the body is instant identification of all substances it contacts which allows it to make split second survival decisions.

Therefore aches and pains are not annoyances to the body; they are communications of danger and requests for change.

“Symptom Analysis” as expressed in “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing” is akin to ancient acupuncture. Understanding one leads right to the next.

Acupuncture has fully mapped out the energy grid encasing the body as it relates to organ function. This knowledge is not exclusive to “Eastern Teachings” alone. Parts of it are shared by massage therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Ayurveda and by body workers. All healing modalities have tried to grasp body energy flow and use it to heal patience’s.

The body reacts to elements that are in its cellular makeup.
As beings living on an asteroid comprised of metals we a comingling of the exact same materials.

The body is a composite of the following elements:

  • Oxygen 65%
  • Carbon 18%
  • Hydrogen 10%
  • Nitrogen 3%
  • Calcium 1.5%
  • Phosphorus 1.2%
  • Sulfur 0.2%
  • Zinc 0.05%
  • Iodine 0.05%
  • Potassium 0.2%
  • Chlorine 0.2%
  • Sodium 0.1%
  • Magnesium 0.05%
  • Iron 0.05%
  • Cobalt 0.05%
  • Copper 0.05%
  • Selenium 0.01%
  • Fluorine 0.01%

The same elements that make up our Earth and solar system make up our physical body.

It is no shock that we are attracted to magnets (no pun intended) and jewelry. Metals are the stuff we are made of making up the woof and warp of our construction.

We must be sage in our use of metals as there frequencies can have negative and positive effects.

Have you ever put a magnet to the screen of a computer or TV and seen all the colors? As interesting as this is to view, it runs counter to the working processes of the screen we put the magnet against.

If you have ever tried to microwave a metallic object you have seen sparks warning not to do this. Metals affect energy flow by dispersing the normal expected stream of current they contact.

This is also called electrical resistance.

Metals or magnets stuffed into an electrical device can cause a short circuit. The same is true with the body.

The body has a tenuous relationship with metals that it is in contact with.

We don’t consider the power that a reflective element such as silver, gold, platinum, stainless

steel, quartz, etc., can have on the human body. Yet contact with these elements affect us daily.

Just as shoving a knife in a light socket can cause a short circuit; we can do the same thing with jewelry as this affects and changes energy flow.

It may seem preposterous yet contact with metallic objects such as jewelry, can short out the body causing it to freeze or even die.

We know via acupuncture that energy pours over the body yet we ignore the effect that jewelry has on this delicate device.

Salt being a substance not common to the body is an irritant as it accumulates at electrical junction points around the body such as the heart. How dangerous is salt? Cardiologists warn their patients to eliminate all salt or risk further heart damage.

The mineral salt is known to interfere with electrical heart rhythms to the point of causing heart attacks, stoppages and even death.
Think about it, we accept that salt is destructive to heart attack sufferers and those with high blood pressure. Yet we do not think to apply this sage wisdom of salt abstinence to a healthy body to stay healthy.

It is also known that piercings cause electrical disturbances in the body as they replicate acupuncture. But unlike acupuncture most piercings are not temporary as most are not removed.

Now broaden what you know about disturbances in the body to include all metallic jewelry in contact with the skin.

What can skin contact with jewelry or metals do to the body? Like salt they act as dispersal points, otherwise known as electrical resistance. In other words, they disperse, strangle or stop correct energy flow.

Most rings are worn on the ring finger of either hand. As per fingernail analysis the ring finger represents the kidneys. The kidneys regulate the heart and blood pressure.

The leading cause of death among women is heart disease. It is an accurate statement that women wear more jewelry than men. Most women wear earrings. The earlobe represents the heart whereas the upper ear represents the kidneys.

Now add to the above mix throwing a ring or two on the ring finger and we have an accident waiting to happen.

Piercings in either place cause damage.

Now hear this. Just placing a metallic object on the skin causes the same interruption of energy flow that a piercing does.

It is clear based, on new testing that rings, necklaces, etc., cause disturbance in the electrical field of the body. These can completely alter function causing all manner of physical issues.

I have seen necklaces cause heart rhythm disturbance and even heart attacks. Why? The necklace is laying over the heart meridian.

Any metal in connection with the body is actively changing electrical flow.

If you are experiencing any sort of physical issues such as heart erythema, try abandoning all jewelry. You may very well arrest the issue and change a long standing condition.

Jewelry absolutely interferes with electrical body impulses. Removing the jewelry creates near instant changes. I have seen this more than once as have throngs of others.

It may seem silly to remove your jewelry to aid your health, until you do it and it works. You have nothing to lose. Try it.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis

The Truth about Alkaline Water

Many of us have heard or read about the glowing benefits of Alkaline Water… The fact is, it is not water at all. In the best seller “pH MADNESS” (found here at here at rogerbezanis.com & amazon.com) the truth about this odd brew is laid out so completely, it is considered a marvel among chemists. They champion the information in this mini-book as a extraordinary due to its first ever use of simple English to explain complex chemistry.

Water is made up of 3 simple parts, one large oxygen atom and two smaller hydrogen atoms that form a molecule called

The fluid released from the home and industrial IONIZING & ALKALIZING units is not water (H2O) it is OH. What is OH you ask? It is one oxygen atom & one hydrogen atom forming a molecule called Oxygen Hydroxide.

Oxygen Hydroxide is not water or H2O it is completely different.

Our body interacts with it completely differently. One is a safe fluid called water while the other is more akin to alcohol and can be made (via home units) into a tissue dissolving solvent.
Above 8.0 on the pH scale all substances are toxic. From 8.0 until 9.5 we have preservatives which pickle tissue such as sodium nitrate (9.5 pH) a known carcinogen. From 9.6 and beyond, the alkalis are more aggressive and strictly solvents such as sodium hydroxide 14.0 on the pH scale. This is drain cleaner and destructive to all living tissue. This includes human tissue.

For a full understanding of the subject of acids and alkalis, pH MADNESS is a college education. This subject which is jammed full of misleading FALSE DATA and confusion.The writing in pH MADNESS pulls no punches. It proofs you against danger and lays the groundwork to forever gain and maintain your health. With it, you have absolute irrefutable truth.

The book saves lives. It does not offer to sell you something. It is honest education on a subject murky with misinformation and greed.

Get a copy of pH MADNESS. It will save your life.

Get your copy here at rogebezanis.com or if you are in the LA area go to Peter Gillhams on Fountain as they supply them to the Pac-area.

If you are in Clearwater Florida go to Gillhams Nutritionals as they supply all of Clearwater Florida with the truth.

Regardless of where or how you get it, get a copy of pH MADNESS and know the truth.

Your friend,
Roger Bezanis
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The Anti-Oxident Hoax

I have been immersed in the world of supplements and health since 1991. At the times of vast change in the alternative health industry, I have been in attendance.

In the early 1990’s, anti-oxidants became the buzz word and lynch pin of Natural Healing.

It is believed that Anti-Oxidants are derived from certain vitamins and natural elements and are unleashed into the bloodstream. They fight a new very bad thing called Free Radicals.

In 1994 at the Alexis Park Hotel, the first ever “Anti-Aging” convention was held. It attracted thousands of visitors and the same old (and good) companies with the same product they had the year before and the year before that. What changed was the banner hung on the door proclaiming Anti-Aging.

I can tell you that my formulas which were very good sold four times better than normal. This was the common experience of all vendors in attendance.

We made a ton of money and ultimately helped a new crowd of public discover our wares. But we had done nothing new to earn this new business other than attend the Anti- Aging Convention.

The idea of Anti-Aging is just that, an idea and a sales pitch. Aging does not reverse. At most it slows to run at the correct speed. Aging can be sped up or slowed to the correct speed if it has been artificially accelerated.

In the end we cannot run the body younger or in reverse. Even the biggest optimist knows this fact deep down.

What is an anti-oxidant? To understand what it is we must understand what it is not first.

Anti: One that is opposed

Oxidant: Comes from the word oxidize

Oxidize: Indicates that an atom of oxygen is transferred or electrons are gained due to chemical reaction.

If you are confused by the above definition of oxidize, you are not alone. The majority of the public is perplexed by the definition above as well.

Here is a workable definition of oxidize that is in plain English:

Oxidize: To age, become decrepit, weaker in construction, density or composition.

You have seen paint oxidize on a car. The finish becomes hazy and rough. It starts to turn white and decompose.

Therefore, anti-oxidants reduce the aging effects of chemicals.

Next we must examine what Free Radicals are.

Free Radicals: Are atoms and molecules or ions with unpaired electrons on an open shell configuration. Free radicals may have positive, negative or zero charge.

Again, if you are confused by the above as to exactly what it means, you are not alone.

The English for what a Free Radical is follows.

Free Radical: Toxin. An element that is foreign and abrasive to living organism.

It is also a dissolver of chemicals.

In action, if a Free Radical is at work we have slow degeneration of function or performance.

Therefore a Free Radical would be best described as a toxin.

Now we have Anti meaning against, Oxidant which means age rapidly, and Free Radical which means toxin.

Considering all the above what does an Anti-Oxidant do in the body? They are believed to seek out and destroy Free Radicals (strong toxins).

Understanding body construction and the immune system precludes the ideas behind anti-oxidants.

Otherwise tiny free agent, blood roaming immune system machines would operate in the body outside the immune system.

This is absolutely false. Therefore what do Anti-Oxidants actually do in the body?

They aide the current immune system composed of the liver, spleen,lymphatic system, digestive system, kidneys etc.

How do they aide the immune system? They directly strengthen the organs of the immune system. Anti-Oxidants are no different than any immune system booster or aide.

Purchasing Anti-Oxidants is a sales pitch as they are nothing new. The name and concept appeared in 1991 prior to the Anti-Aging Convention in Las Vegas.

What is ORP (Oxidative Reductive Potential)?

This is the idea that oxidation can be reduced. The term is bandied about by Alkaline (not) Water Companies who try to sell their alkaline preservative liquid.

Since Alkaline (not) Water companies sell a fluid that is a preservative. They sell fluid that has a high ORP.

Their pitch says that their “water” is better because it is free of acids and therefore better for the body. This is completely false.

Acid is what makes food healthy and water, water. Without acids we have alkalis which will be discussed in future paragraphs.

Alkaline (not) Water companies sell fluid that acts as a preservative in the body.

Is consuming a preservative an aid to the body? No, it is a toxin which artificially elongates the life of cells thus corrupting the body. Regular consumption of preservatives can eventually cause tumors.

If the ORP of a fluid is part of its sales pitch and the fluid is to be ingested, RUN.

The body is programmed with planned obsolescence. This means that every cell in the human body has a preprogrammed cellular life.

In other words; cells become obsolete and die in a planned amount of time. The dead cell is replaced at the precise moment that a new cell arrives. It is a cellular changing of the guard.

Tumors (cancer) are cells that do not breakdown as planned based on the cellular clock that runs the body. Why is this destructive?

Because new cells are being formed and collecting around the cell that refuses to breakdown.

When a fluid in question is consumed from 8.0 to 9.4 pH the fluid is a preservative. If consumed from 9.5 to 14 pH the fluid is a tissue dissolving solvent.

Tissue dissolving solvents are highly dangerous to the body.

Solvent fluids have many uses such as removing stains from clothes, carpets and surfaces.

This sort of fluid is great for cleaning but toxic for human ingestion.

The above paragraphs document alkaline fluid as a preservative and solvent. This is why companies who sell alkaline (not) water machines; clearly warn not to use their fluid with fish or plants as it will kill them.

They also recommend not using the fluid with cats or dogs. Cats and dogs that ingest this fluid only do it once or twice before they start drinking from the toilet.

Alkaline (not) Water is not at all what it appears, Anti-Oxidants are a sales pitch and ORP runs in in opposition to healthy bodies.

Anytime we ingest preservatives they get into our cells causing elongated cellular life. Artificially elongated cellular life is the basis for all tumors and cancers.

If you consume any food that is manmade you are consuming preservatives. This is true for all alkaline (not) water made via machine processes.

The reason I refer to alkaline water as (not) water is due to its machine / man altered construction.

Water such as spring water, RO (Reverse Osmosis water) and well water are actually H2O.

H2O is the only definition of water that exists. This H20 has two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom.

Man-made alkaline (not) water is not water at all.

Its construction is OH or one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom. This construction makes the fluid a preservative or solvent depending on the machine setting.

I hope this clears up confusions.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis
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Alkaline (NOT) Water Greed

When there is a new advancement in any field there are inherent points that must be firmly addressed. Consider the following in regard to Alkaline (not) Water Companies. Alkaline (not) Water companies insist they have reinvented water. Does the product and approach meet these points?

1) The product should improve a condition or problem

2) The product must work

3) The product must be easily explained

4) Any science behind the product must be understandable and translate directly to a current need or problem.

Consider the above 4 points:
1) Water did not need to be fixed until their “story” told us it did.

2) The product does something but it does not produce water.

3) The product is explained with incomplete chemistry which is of course not supported by empirical evidence.

4) Only their so called experts with their confusing and contradictory data understand their pseudo-science babble. Actual chemists, who are unbiased, laugh at the silliness of their suppositions.

With this in mind consider Alkaline NOT Water Facts
a) In Japan, the machine that makes the fluid is registered as a medical device.

b) In Japan, the fluid dispensed is used for medical treatment by doctors.

c) In the USA the machines are sold to anyone with enough money.

d) In the USA the fluid is not solely used for medical treatment it is eagerly offered as a superior replacement for water.

e) All machines dispense an alkaline fluid that is composed of 2 atoms, 1 hydrogen atom & 1 Oxygen atom. The fluid is structurally OH (Oxygen Hydroxide) and is either a mild preservative or aggressive solvent depending on the machine setting. This is called water by the Alkaline (not) Water Companies.

Dictionary & Chemistry Note: Water is composed of 3 atoms, 1 oxygen atom with hydrogen atoms. There is no setting on water to make it more or less of anything unless it is filtered to be cleaner.

When Alkaline (not) Water distributors (Reps) are confronted with these inconsistencies they routinely start parroting these phrases:

1. The man who invented the technology is an honest family man.

2. The inventor drinks the water himself.

3. The product was founded in hospitals.

4. The Japanese are the healthiest people on Earth & they drink alkaline water.

5. Spring water is acidic and it makes people sick.

6. Alkaline (Not) water has cured disease.

7. It heals all cancers.

Consider the above points while reading these counter points:

1. This is true from all accounts. Yet, how does being a family man & integrity impact water?

2. This is hearsay. If he does occasionally drink some, what does that prove?

3. This is true. It is an amazing technology with powerful effects when it is correctly used as a drug therapy.

4. Who did that study? Have you ever noticed people in far off places are always healthier than you or me?

5. Spring water is naturally acidic and has been for eons. Next…

6. This is absolutely true. But would you continue using an anti-biotic or other drug in great daily volume (8 LBS a day which is what a gallon of water weighs) for the rest of your life? If you did, what do you think might happen to you? Would you get sick?

7. This is a stretch but may be somewhat true. Again, if a therapy that healed is continued beyond its end phenomenon of target problem gone, we will get sick won’t we. When the end phenomenon is reached, we stop. Why do alkaline (not) water companies not stop?

The question is, with such an amazingly successful medical device, why don’t the Alkaline (Not) Water companies want their product recognized as a medical device? Why don’t they want their (not) Water recognized as a drug or supplement?


Overnight, if alkaline (not) water companies are recognized as selling a medical device which dispenses fluid used in medical therapy, suddenly these machines are controlled (as they are in Japan) and only sold to doctors. Why is this issue such a problem?

Because the profits would immediately plummet as doctors would need to buy them at wholesale. Additionally, the public would not be allowed to own them as they would then be registered and controlled medical devices.

Overnight numerous problems would occur;

a) All ad material would have to be revised… Cha ching

b) Their massive 7 times cost (current markup) would be lost… Cha ching

c) Testing would have to occur in the US to verify claims… Cha ching

d) They might be liable for damages caused by misuse of their product… Cha ching

The four points above, a, b, c, & d would cost these companies millions in retooling and legal fees. Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching, cha ching & cha ching….

When you really look at the whole picture the picture gets very clear doesn’t it?

Here is the sad thing.

The technology works to aid health, if used sparingly and correctly, it has immense value.

But the money grubbing cronies at the top of these companies are too entrenched in their deception to see that retooling, as outlined in a, b, c, & d above offers the greatest good for the greatest number, not just their pocketbooks.

Their shortsighted greed is killing people.

Your Friend,

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Salt: One of the most common and dangerous elements on Earth, it causes cells to retain water robbing the body of life giving fluid. It shuts down the kidneys and liver while attacking the ears. Many hear ringing moments after contact. Remove salt from the diet ASAP.

Sugar: The deadliest of the deadly. Many experts say that eliminating sugar eliminates 90% of mankind’s woes. Sugar is a cathartic causing expelling of fluid, while racing the heart, upping blood pressure & crashing the kidneys. It simultaneously demands the body retain fluid & shuts down the immune system by up to 95% for up to 8 hours.

Sodium: This substance is an additive found in almost all processed foods. It is 1 of the 2 atoms found in salt. Used by itself it is just as dangerous as salt. Because of its preservative qualities it is a horrific element found in junk, packages and processed foods including, breads & sweets.

Caffeine: Is vying to become the world’s most popular and dangerous toxin. Coffee houses are almost everywhere, yet the substance, shuts down the kidneys on contact for up to 5 hours. It races the heart, spasms the liver, raises blood pressure and makes veins and arteries brittle.

Milk: A substance that is necessary at birth but useless within months after. Humans are the only mammals that consume milk after infancy. Only humans ingest if from other species. Ingested, it coagulates blocking the digestive tract causing mucus to flood the body. All humans are lactose intolerant yet the symptoms vary. This is a deadly foe that must be avoided.

Cheese: Another damning dairy product, it quickly constipates debilitating digestion. Among the many things that constipation causes one that goes unnoticed is heart rhythm problems. There is no safe or edible cheese of any type.

Butter: The final cog in the deadly trio (milk, cheese & butter), it is used in cooking and in room temperature concoctions. It is it is used in any form it adds mucus and congestion to the body. In Asia, India consumes 47% of the world’s butter production.

Cologne & Perfume: Universal in its popularity, it secretly goes unnoticed as a major contributor to headaches, liver issues, eye irritation, lung issues, skin disorders, allergies, sinus congestion, rashes, foggy thinking, dizziness, insomnia, confusion and emotional upheaval.

Antiperspirants:Hiding odor is popular and very social; it is also counterproductive to health. Our odor speaks volumes about our health. If our odor is offensive it is a warning to fix problems not hide them. Antiperspirants block the lymphatic system and can result in tumors & serious illness.

Preservatives: Should never be ingested as they cause the body to become acidic which can lead to tumors, cancers, organ failure, heart rhythm disturbances, high blood pressure, blindness, hair loss, severe kidney issues, swollen painful joints, and much more including death.

Processed or cold pressed Oils: Oils that have been separated from their original raw source are deadly to the body. The coat and paralyze the liver leaving it inoperable for hours. The liver is a chambered organ much like a sponge. A sponge coated in oil picks up nothing. A liver coated in oil is useless. Oils must be derived from eating the whole food such as raw avocado, raw nuts etc.

Fish: Formerly edible as late as the 1970’s, since it is a worsening source of protein. It stands alone as the most polluted protein found on Earth. See the article on this site “The Dangers of Fish.” Eating fish is like ingesting a bowl of toxic metal shavings. These toxins cling all over the system causing every disease known to man. Fish /metal accumulation is a major contributor to heart attacks.

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Crimes against the Sea – Mankind in Danger

Most of us remember when we were small. We remember mom, dad, sister, brother, etc., would act as protector against the evils of the world. What did we have to worry about when people who loved us watched over us? When we came too near to danger we were warned. We were scolded with "Don't touch that!"

The "security blanket” of a constant authority figure makes it possible for toddlers to learn in safety.

We grew up with the idea that our keeper would eventually be replaced by the government, and powerful legislative or authoritative groups. Having this sense of security allows us to relax as those in charge are sane and would never hurt us, right?

The Jews, Poles, French and Czechs of World War II Europe had a sense of security for a time. But when the Nazi’s won power in Germany it was made very clear that there was no security except for those making the rules.

We assume that the government is out for our best interests and would never let us come to harm. If they can protect us we are certain that they will. As it turns out our own trust has come back to haunt us.

Governments protect those who invest in them. When it comes to receiving privileges, money speaks loudly. When the money in question is trillions, billions or even a puny few millions in dollars, it gets attention, a lot of attention.

There are government surveys that prove sea dumped pollutants cause birth defects & cancers and much more. Why does the dumping continue? Money talks...

The world we live in is lined in cash. Governments are not out for our best interests, they're out for the best interests of those who pay them. Those who pay them the most, get the most attention. This is called lobbying. Lobbyists make deals around the world for excellent treatment for their backers in exchange for gifts and payoffs through thoroughly washed channels. This ensures that these payoffs (essentially bribes) are hard to trace back.

But since those investigating are also getting paid, the investigations never take place or if they do, a young man in the mailroom is charged and put in jail.

Make no mistake Big Brother government is doing something to protect the public. They are enforcing that small warning labels are added to the packaging of fish that are known to be toxic.

How nice. When seafood should be banned, the sea labeled toxic, and the oceans cleaned up, we get small warning labels. Governments aren’t about to make waves with its paying customers. Remember how well the British Petroleum fiasco was handled? BP is not punished with billions in fines and made to make up the damage. Instead we get warning labels.

Are all fish everywhere on Earth toxic? No. If the fish were grown in a small pond under strict controls with no pesticides, that is safe. That composes less that 1% of all fish on the planet.

The seafood industry is a billion dollar business. Jan 14, 2009: A 2-headed bass was found in the Noosa River in Australia. You know Australia, (The Land Down Under) where men are men and water is clean…

This is not an indictment of Australia or Australians; it is a question of “What have we as mankind done to ourselves?”

We do not live in a bubble where nothing affects us. When we mindlessly attack nature we are attacking ourselves. Dow Chemical, British Petroleum and more are guilty of crimes against humanity for their daily dumping of sewage.

From the Potomac Conservancy:
The Potomac Conservancy, which focuses its interests on Washington D.C's biggest river, recently called for new research to help them figure out why male smallmouth bass in the Potomac are beginning to carry underdeveloped eggs in their testes.

"More than 80% of the male bass fish in Washington's major river are now exhibiting female traits such as egg production because of a "toxic stew" of pollutants," reports The Guardian. "Intersex fish probably result from drugs, such as the contraceptive pill, and other chemicals being flushed into the water and have been found right across the US."

From the US Geological Survey:

Mercury has been well known as an environmental pollutant for several decades. As early as the 1950¹s it was established that emissions of mercury to the environment could have serious effects on human health. These early studies demonstrated that fish and other wildlife from various ecosystems commonly attain mercury levels of toxicological concern when directly affected by mercury-containing emissions from human-related activities. Human health concerns arise when fish and wildlife from these ecosystems are consumed by humans.

During the past decade, a new trend has emerged with regard to mercury pollution. Investigations initiated in the late 1980¹s in the northern-tier states of the U.S., Canada, and Nordic countries found that fish, mainly from nutrient-poor lakes and often in very remote areas, commonly have high levels of mercury. More recent fish sampling surveys in other regions of the U.S. have shown widespread mercury contamination in streams, wet-lands, reservoirs, and lakes. To date, 33 states have issued fish consumption advisories because of mercury contamination.

Today we are waste deep in toxins from every angle. What we dump in our water ways, we like to pretend disappears because the oceans are so vast. In 2008 actor Jeremy Piven was hospitalized for mercury poisoning. He had been eating tuna sushi 5 days a week.

As the toxicity in our oceans and waterways grow we are told to eat fish once a week.

From the -The Department of Health:
Question: “Should I stop eating fish?”
Answer: “No! Fish is good and part of a healthy diet, so don’t stop eating fish!”

A 1995 study from the American Public Health Association: The EPA reports that “Literally every American has accumulated measurable levels of 30 various toxic compounds that linger in their adipose (fat) tissue.”

A newer report claims that 157 toxins are now found in fatty tissue. We could call breast milk “Pesticide Milk” as it features lindane (gamma-bhc), chlordane, dieldrin (causing convulsions, coughing, dizziness, headaches, nausea, weakness, tremors and more), dioxins and 65 isomers of PCBs.

Routinely 35 types of PCB’s are passed along in male semen. The human body has become a spongy toxic waste repository. These chemicals unleash a cornucopia of dangers on the bodies of both sexes. Every day the population at large is victimized by these silent killers.

These toxins are coming to us via sea and inland fishing.

Toxic life altering toxins that we humans dump in our waterways are more than a threat. Yet we're told to eat fish once a week. The reason why we are told to consume fish at all is money.

Even though eating fish today is akin to slow suicide, those recommending that we eat fish are free men. How is this possible? Because the criminals making the statements; also make the laws.

It is not like we can't eat fish. Of course we can eat fish. We can also drink battery acid, play in traffic & skydive without a parachute.

Toxins are created by lab technicians, given to industry then dumped in the oceans for safe keeping. This is akin to sweeping dirt under the rug. Once in the waters many chemicals settle on the ocean floor before they work their way back up the food chain into our bellies.

These toxins infect plankton which is then eaten by filter feeders. Larger fish eat the filter feeders, which are eaten by larger fish, which are caught in nets and fed to the public. In many parts of the US more than 70% of male fish species are found displaying dual sexual organs.

Toxic accumulations from seafood cause metal based toxins to short circuit the body causing all manner of trouble including heart attacks. This can include mutations.

On the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website they endorse:

>>>Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a healthy eating plan:

  • Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products

  • Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts

  • Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars Stays within your daily calorie needs


An inquiry into the discovery of two-headed fish at a Noosa River hatchery has found proof the deformities were caused by agricultural chemicals, according to media reports.

Inquiry taskforce member, Dr Matt Landos has been reported as saying the report, due to be released soon, would show the mutations found at Sunland Fish Hatchery created by a toxic cocktail including carbendazim, nonylphenol, beta-cyfluthrin, methidathion, trichlorfon, methoxyfenozide, atrazine and endosulfan.

All (of the above chemicals) are approved individually for use in Australia.

From Discover News:

Male fish with female anatomy are appearing in river basins across the United States. Male fish with female body parts have been showing up in our nation's rivers for a while now, but a new study that found a surprising number of mixed-up fish may shed new light on
ecosystem health.

From the Mississippi to the Rio Grande, from the Appalachia to the Colorado, researchers found large numbers of river fish with egg cells in their testes, particularly in two species: smallmouth and largemouth bass.

At some sites, more than 70 percent of males from these species were intersex, a condition that has been linked to lowered sperm production, trouble reproducing and other negative health consequences.

Male largemouth bass and smallmouth bass with female anatomy are showing up in river basins across the United States. At some sites, as much as 91 percent of local, male largemouth bass are intersex.

In the Pee Dee River at Bucksport, S.C., for example, 91 percent of male largemouth bass had female parts, along with 60 percent of males in the Apalachicola River at Blountstown, Fla., and 50 percent in the Savannah River at two sites in Georgia.

More than 65 percent of male smallmouth bass were intersex in parts of Minnesota, Idaho and Colorado.

If fish started knocking on our doors telling us they are too polluted for human consumption perhaps that would help. In 2005 the average human consumed 48 pounds of fish. At this rate of consumption it is no wonder humans are becoming more debilitated. Degenerative issues are on the rise. We are as toxic as the seas we have polluted.

From the World Health Organization (WHO):

Worldwide, about a billion people rely on fish as their main source of animal proteins.

Dependence on fish is usually higher in coastal than in inland areas. About 20% of the world’s population derives at least one-fifth of its animal protein intake from fish, and some small island states depend almost exclusively on fish.

From Green Facts:

In 2010 the average human ate 36.08 lbs (16.4 kg) of fish. The Chinese per capita eat 57.42 pounds of fish (26.4 kg)! Thanks to this toxic intake they are fast becoming one of the most toxic people on the planet. With this kind of rabid fish consumption and their building love affair with Western Junk Food, it won’t be long until they fully embrace Western Medicine and its poisons.

Big Pharma is waiting patiently in the wings to help the Chinese when they cry uncle.

Fish are deadly almost everywhere unless we harvest them in our own back yard, in our own pond. Then we would have to let any current toxicity in the fish breed itself out over time. In two years we could safely eat our backyard fish.

Otherwise the steady flow of hazardous toxins entering rivers & seas from urban sewerage & industrial discharge makes eating fish untenable for human life.

How is big brother protecting us? They are gallantly doing it with small warning labels. Sorry we were past warning labels in the 1970’s. A total ban on fish is what is called for.

Yet there is no ban on fish from the CDC just advice to include it in our diet. How thoughtful.

We have all been told that mankind is destroying the planet, yet it is still here. We are told that we are killing the planet for our kids. Yet we really haven’t changed. Here is a slightly different point of view.

1) If we believe in past and future lives, we are destroying the planet for ourselves in the future.

2) If we are God fearing folk with Heaven in mind we are destroying the planet for our offspring and current mankind. Incidentally, by the way and just in passing, how do you think God feels about our actions polluting his creation?

3) If we are atheists, then our conscious is our guide. If we are carefree and atheist we care little about our actions. If we are atheist but “fellow man minded” we care deeply.

It doesn’t matter what our religious beliefs are or if we have them at all. We must be responsible for our actions good and bad.

Each of us must make a decision as to who runs our lives. If it is up to us then we have to make choices based on sound information. The information contained in the above paragraphs and pages is sound.

Much of the information is from government agencies tattling on themselves. Obviously they have poor manners. The rest is from respected news and research organizations.

Anyone risking eating any fish; unless they personally fawned over the hatchlings from birth, in a secure and toxin free environment; is risking their health. There are no safe plentiful sources of fish left on the planet. Some would say eat fish at your own risk. I say it clearer. Never eat fish unless you have controlled them over several generations of offspring.

To understand the minds that control the pharmaceutical industry (who dump pollutants into our seas), watch the recording via the link below at:


Your friend,
Roger Bezanis

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Preservatives and Life

My book “pH MADNESS” clearly defines cellular life, what opposes and supports it and how to forever heal the body with food alone.

Yet for many the confusion drilled in by advertisers who seek control of our pocket books & therefore control our health is daunting.

Daily, the demand for a quick fix to a sick and or obese body is so loud it is hard to hear one’s own thoughts.

Who in their right mind tells their nutritionist or doctor that they want to lose weight but WILL NOT GIVE UP chocolate, sugar, salt, candy, bread, caffeine and continuous eating. Yet there it is. I hear reports of this daily.

In the trenches of showing those who want to heal the road to follow, even I run into those who will not give up the toxic habits that caused their problems.

Take some time and speak to a few holistic doctors and health food store employees that see bi-pedal aberrations of humanity like those described above, daily.

Sadly many living on Earth today are brainwashed to believe they live in a body invincible and that can handle limitless abuse.

Should mankind disappear from Earth, it will tragically be his folly at the event’s core.

No need for some celestial or God wrought event to wipe us from the solar system, we are doing quite well on our own.

Our desire for what we want, when we want it at any expense, even our own health, drives us into the mud.

We can thank those who understand our whims & play to them, with the latest best tasting junk that can be lab manufactured.

The stuff is fantastic in laying the pavement many mindlessly walk to their execution.

Our Body & Us

The body is a sentient self-regulating machine that does not come with a manual for use. In this vacuum of body knowledge,I have offered the most remarkable book to date on the subject of man & his body.

The book is called “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing.”

Now in its fifth edition, the book is a stellar work that if followed, leads anyone back into control of their health for as long as they desire.

The genetic entity’s we call our body or the human body has been tethered to Earth for eons. It is very old and wise as to what it needs.

The intervention that placed us into these bodies is not the subject of this writing and is left to religion to sort out.

The body has its needs as do we, as super beings of great power and immortality. Energy cannot be destroyed whereas a body can.

We have countless wars and newspaper clippings to prove the latter statement.

The problem with putting an immortal being into a mortal body is that they are incongruent.

One can never be the other. Whereas we as human want to experience the gamut, doing so, most of the time, will kill the body we live in while thrilling us.

The amusing thing about our predicament on Earth via mortal body + immortal being (us) is the body votes last. It takes all the abuse we give it silently building its response.

Over time the body makes its feelings known about our deadly habits. How? It does so via rapid aging, fat, loss of function, organ failure, pain, soreness, stiffness and finally death.

We are smug to believe that we are incapable of incapacitating our body, we blame the latter states above, on normal decay brought on by stress and aging.

Advertisers are paid by the drug companies that understand and foster our belief in absolute immortality.

They play to this sense and sell us painkillers and toxic band aid solutions that further worsen us while earning them scads of money.

Let’s look at how the body works. Think of it as a chambered absorbing and releasing sponge.

This is factually correct.

Ideally the body takes in material (food) sifts through it, extracts nutrients and releases the remainder as waste.

This cycle should be repeated daily for a lifetime. Anything that interferes with the above cycle is harmful to the body.

The more it alters this cycle the more damaging it is to its long term & short term survival.

The above description if applied to the body on a routine basis or even on occasion creates untenable states such as cancer and organ failure.

Again the body is factually a chambered absorbing and releasing sponge. It takes in material (food) sifts through it, extracts nutrients and releases the remainder as waste.

If this cycle is interrupted the body breaks down at varying speeds yet breaks down nonetheless.

The purpose of preservatives is to elongate the shelf life of food for the expressed purpose of allowing one to eat at times when weather and food shortages exist.

Most humans have never been exposed to conditions that require the use of preservatives yet we eat them daily.

Food manufactures found that preservatives also act as flavor enhancers making otherwise boring food exciting to the taste.

Preservatives and our cellular life

What role do preservatives play in this cellular symphony of life? They are the horns, strings & percussion… They are the whole orchestra.

Again imagine the body is a sponge. Now imagine we dip it into a bucket of water we call “nutrition.” We then squeeze some of it in the “food bucket” and the rest in the “waste bucket,” and then repeat.

Preservatives alter this sequence.

The new cycle adding in preservatives goes like this. The body (as a sponge) is dipped into a bucket of water we now call “preservative / food mix.”

We pull it out of the water and shove it in a zip lock bag we call “preservative response” and zip it closed air tight.

We can no longer extract food or waste from the preserved cell as the “preservative response” forces the cells to hold its absorbed material.

All preservatives cause this response. Even vitamin C in great volume creates an out of balance state in the body. Many are aware of the cathartic effect created by large doses of vitamin C.

Most are unaware that ascorbic acid being chemically derived in a lab has a limited medicinal use. Used in volume of 2000 or more milligrams a day it disrupts organ function, sending the body into preservative chaos.

Some will use 4-6000 milligrams a day to create a flushing in the gut. This is so offsetting that it can cause organ failure. Yet, it is done by those living hearing the stories of those who used it in this fashion and survived.

The amount used of anything dictates whether it is a food, medicinal or poison. Pure oxygen is a toxin as is an overabundance of water. This is called drowning.

Symptoms of vitamin C overdose include: Kidney malfunction, water imbalances, excessive thirst, high blood pressure, kidney stones, rapid or slowed heart rate,vertigo, ringing in the ears, hypoglycemia, tremors and much more.

The labels related to long term preservative exposure include Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, Wagner’s, Grave’s, Mono, Epstein Barr, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Leaky Gut, Reynaud’s, Post-Polio Syndrome, Hashimoto’s and Gilbert’s.

Preservatives were used for emergencies or stop gap measures when fresh food was not available. Used a regular basis not for an emergency creates the issues listed in the last paragraph.

Those who are in the dark as to what a alkali is will be shocked to find out that all alkalis preserve cellular life thus have limited internal use.

They can be used for a short time with medicinal benefits, yet, used long term, poison the body as any substance with powerful cell functioning altering attributes will.

You may have gone to a mineral springs and achieved a healing. This happens.

Yet, if one never left the spring and therefore never discontinued their treatment, they would eventually create physical issues far worse than they started with.

Alkaline Water use is supposed to create an alkaline state in the body via use. This is impossible unless it is used as a medicinal and then its use abandoned.

Alkaline fluid often called water is not water at all. It is an alkali, chemically OH vs. water which is H2O.

The alkali called alkaline water is a preservative that in small amounts causes panic healing via immune system activation.

If alkaline fluid (called water) is used to avert a crisis via immune system activation and then the treatment ceased, the body can heal in short order.

Yet, if the above two paragraphs are not understood and the user of alkaline fluid continues to drink the substance on a regular basis the body eventually collapses in a heap.

Alkali ingestion and alkaline fluid (water) abuse are the spring boards and sources of the labels mentioned earlier including:

  • Lupus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Crohn’s
  • Wagner’s
  • Grave’s
  • Mono
  • Epstein Barr
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Leaky Gut
  • Reynaud’s
  • Post-Polio Syndrome
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Gilbert’s

Of course the list above is a small portion of what can go wrong with the body due to regular alkali ingestion.

Some common sources of alkali poisoning appear in the list below. Some of what poisons us comes from contact via the skin or our airways.

  • Alkaline Fluid (water)
  • Hot dogs
  • Luncheon Meats
  • Salt
  • Sodium
  • Alcohol
  • Wine
  • Over the counter
  • medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Street drugs
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Soy Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Goats Milk
  • Breads
  • Crackers
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Bagels
  • Tortillas (flour & Corn)
  • Pita Bread
  • Household chemicals for
  • cleaning
  • Paint
  • Nail Polish
  • Unleavened bread
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Cereal
  • Oat Meal
  • Cooked Beef
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Cooked Turkey
  • Cooked Pheasant
  • Cooked Fish
  • Cooked Lamb
  • Cooked Deer Meat
  • Cooked Pork
  • Cooked Ostrich
  • White Sugar
  • Candy
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Malaises
  • Corn Syrup
  • Cola’s
  • Distilled water
  • Soups
  • Teas
  • Coffee
  • Chicory
  • Perfumes
  • Colognes
  • And more…

More? Okay here are more additives that are used as preservatives:

Some common preservatives include:

  • Salt of all types
  • Sodium (also used as a flavor enhancer)
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • BHA
  • BHT
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Propyl Gallate
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Trans Fats
  • Aspartame (used as a sweetener)
  • Acesulfame-K (used as a sweetener)
  • Food Colorings such as Blue 1, 2, Red 3, Green 3, Yellow 6
  • Potassium Bromate
  • Olesta (found in diet foods to block fat absorption)

(For a complete list of what makes the body toxic read my book “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing.”)

You may have noticed that many of the meats listed above mention cooked.

These meats in Raw Form (uncooked) are not alkalis to the body but rich in healing / life giving enzymes.

Many of the above items are not alkalis in their present state. Yet after cooking or processing they become waste particles that act like alkali preservatives. Cooking and processing destroys enzyme content leaving food empty shells that cause irritation.

Processed foods carry preservatives such as cancer causing Sodium Nitrate (added to preserve shelf life).

What is good for the manufacturing process is destructive to the body as it causes cell life to mutate.

Cells exposed to preservatives fall out of step with the body as they as they become jailers for chemicals, which if left to float freely are toxic.

It is by design that cells act as a backup system to the liver grabbing loose waste which has escaped the reach of the liver and immune system. To aid safety in the body, fatty tissue grabs & holds waste.

If toxic cells are never relieved via some sort of detox, they become the mutant beginnings of bundles of corroded cells called cancer.

All disease of the body starts with contact with a toxin by ingestion or via association. This is when the body starts to change.

As much as 95% of diseases are caused by the ignorance of dangerous preservatives to the body.

It's well known that the proliferation of tumors of all types & cancers have skyrocketed since mankind started using more chemical preservatives in the early 1900’s.

The result of chemical preservatives is a fatter body and or a body that is in slow or rapid decline.

Fact: the cleanliness of the cellular connection between you & your body determines the intensity of emotional response not brain chemistry.

Fact: the cleanliness of the cellular connection between you & your body determines the intensity of emotional response.

When we really look at all parts of the equation as to what makes mankind tick, we discover our best efforts have dug us a huge hole.

Science in hopefully an earnest effort to make us healthier and to give us a better life has inadvertently shortened our lifespan.

If we are to survive the “good fortune” of having modern science at our beck and call, we must disabuse ourselves of the idea that life is lived better via science.

Look around you at the handiwork of science.

Yes we have better TV and computers but our food is quickly ceasing to resemble the food the body was designed to eat.

Do yourself a favor and turn your back on the nutritional advancements made by science.

If we follow and apply science to our lives as we have been, we will certainly and eventually be face-down in the muck.

Life is not lived in a test tube or lab. If the substance you are using must first be tested on lab rats to check for toxicity, throw it out.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis

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Energy Flow In The Body

It is well known that life is animated by a current or flow of energy much like a lawnmower or blender. It is not uncommon for some people to adversely affect electronics such as wrist watches or even cell phone. So strong is this connection that even by being in the vicinity of such a device can change the function of that device.

Interestingly the more angry or upset one gets, the worse the electronics around that person will run. Imagine an angry man. Is he a conduit to that allows energy or communication to flow through or a resistor that deflects energy or corrupts it?

When one is emotionally challenged their energy is snarled and solid. On a physical level they are solid like a ridged steel girder. If you have had contact with such a person, you know that this is true.

Basically humans are mobile power cells that are directed by intention or determination into actions based on this will power. With these factors at play anything is possible.

The same is true with energy. Human energy flow was mapped out by the Chinese for the purpose of acupuncture eons ago. In the East energy flow is understood with confidence. In the West it is a mystery and the subject of awe.

Acupuncture uses needles inserted at junctions of energy flow. Doing so warms the system and activates local healing. The needles are literally pushing a button that resets the system and activates healing.

When body energy flow is correct, it is free of resistance and thus heals injuries quickly. When energy flow is correct sleep is sound, weight is correct, skin tone is good, hair grows quickly, skin has good tone and is not dry or broken out.

A healthy body is not immortal but it is as healthy as possible.

What is electrical resistance? It is mass that energy must pass through weakening its signal. Depending on how resistance is used it can move a signal slightly or shut it down completely.

In the human body, any outside resistance is damaging to the function of the body.

The body is covered in an encasing energy grid just like a computer or cellphone network which is exactly what the Chinese discovered over 5000 years ago.

Interruptions in energy flow causes pain. The pain is a warning that energy flow has been interrupted and is threatening survival.

That is why acupuncture needles are only lightly inserted and removed after momentary therapy.

Now imagine a man or a woman with piercings. Look where they are located. They can be anywhere but are most commonly found in the ears, nose, lips, eyebrows and even checks and belly button.

With what you now understand, about electrical flow, are piercings a good or bad choice? The fact is, piercings cause disturbances wherever they are placed locally.

Since they interrupt energy flow to organs as organ energy meridians crisscross the body, piercings can disable a robust healthy body.

Earth and everything on it are made up of minerals which are another way of saying metals. Earth is composed of silica, aluminum, lime, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, water, carbon, titanium & phosphorus.

Mankind is composed of similar elements with the difference that they are active and alive due to oxygen and hydrogen. Humans are composed of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium & phosphorus.

Today it is popular to wear energy enhancing medallions which purport to increase strength, aid balance while improving and or buffering health.

These devices have limited use. They can be worn for brief periods of time with some benefit. Yet continued use is like holding down the gas pedal on your car. If you need instant acceleration, holding down a gas pedal is beneficial. Yet a perpetually held down gas pedal eventually causes serious accidents.

When I first encountered these medallions, I wore them. Yet tests routinely showed that my body was running very hot. The moment I took off my medallion and retested, my results were normal.

Why? These medallions alter energy flow. They distort, apprehend and usurp the energy running of the body. A body not under its own control predisposes an eventual collapse.

I was amazed at what I discovered regarding these medallions. I have since validated same data dozens of times with universal results.

The same truths that you have read above apply to what we call food. In upcoming writings I will feature these food related findings and results.

For detailed life changing information that is useful every day read “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing” and “pH MADNESS.”

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis
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The Dangers of Fish

Fish have been a staple in the diet of mankind since he first stepped foot on Earth. Those who have read the Torah or Bible recognize they instruct readers to eat aquatic proteins known as fish.

The world has changed immensely since the writing of the Torah and Bible.

Today the waters of Earth are highly dangerous.

From the King James Bible: Liv. 11:9; Duet. 14:9. “These shall ye eat of all that [are] in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.”

From the Torah: Of the "beasts of the earth, you may eat any animal that has cloven hooves and chews its cud.” Lev. 11:3; Deut. 14:6. “Any land mammal that does not have both of these qualities is forbidden.” The Torah specifies that the camel, the rock badger, the hare and the pig are not kosher because each lacks one of these two qualifications. Cattle, sheep, goats, deer and bison are kosher.

“Of the things that are in the waters, you may eat anything that has fins and scales.” Lev. 11:9; Deut. 14:9. Thus, shellfish such as lobsters, oysters, shrimp, clams and crabs are all forbidden. Fish like tuna, carp, salmon and herring are all permitted.”

As stated earlier the water and oceans of the Earth have been converted into a sewage and refuse dump.

How bad is this pollution? Feel free to Google the North Atlantic Gyre, South Atlantic Gyre, North Pacific Gyre, South Pacific Gyre and Indian Ocean Gyre.

Gyre: A circular or spiral motion, especially a circular ocean current.

Gyre: To whirl.

To state exactly what a gyre is, it is a swirling expanse (miles) of plastic containers and other manmade materials such as Styrofoam pieces and cups that will not and cannot be broken down by Earths ecosystem.

These expanses are so dense; they are avoided by the Navy’s of the world. Gyres are manmade seas of nondecomposable death.

The Gyre’s of Earth are only the tip of the iceberg. Manmade poisons have destroyed our oceans, thanks to a lack of awareness and a confused belief that the Earth can heal from anything.

Mankind has used the seas and water ways of Earth as a sewer or garbage disposal. Yet, nothing has left the Earth it is only buried or ignored.

The toxic chemicals found in seafood include: Methyl mercury, PCBs, (polychlorinated biphenyls, colorless and odorless chemicals widely used in electrical equipment for industrial applications prior to being banned in the late 1970’s), dioxins, DDT, DDE, Agent Orange, Lead, Dieldrin: chlorinated hydrocarbon, used as an insecticide and for mothproofing.

Other pollutants include residue from acetone, dry cleaning solvents, alcohol, fluoride, benzene, sodium chloride and much more.

The result of these outrageous pollutants is toxic fresh water fish and seafood that is inedible.

The days when it was safe to eat fish, passed into history in the 1970’s.

Toxins of all types are metal based.

Once ingested these metal based toxins being inorganic, lodge in the cells of the body. Once in our cells, they become locked in place.

The reason why toxins stick to the system is because toxins by their nature are preservatives.

Such toxins as Sodium Nitrate; 9.0 pH (a deadly manmade preservative); enter the cells causing them to become prisons.

The reason this takes place, is because if a toxin escapes the liver where it should be altered and rendered safe, the cells pick up the job and hold them Thus we have preserved immortal cells that can accumulate and become tumors.

I explain this in the video, deadly preservatives found on my site. Metals can cause all manner of ills such as heart rhythm interruption (heart attack), liver failure, tremors, simple aches and pains, brittle bones, constipation, low energy, premature aging, sexual malfunction and more.

All detoxification techniques, be they diet, exercise, or direct detoxification, remove metal toxins from the body. The key to maintaining excellent health is:

1) Never consume fish of any type
2) Detox the body of metal accumulations once a year or as needed
3) Adopt a diet of Raw Foods that are free of pesticides or that have been thoroughly washed free of toxins.

Education is the key to new awareness.It has been proven that personal pleas to change do little. The old adage of “In one ear and out the other,” holds true.

In order to make changes, send people to this page, www.rogebezanis.com and my books.

Alone my site educates and awakens all who are ready for change. It is via my books that long term change takes place.

Therefore, use my written wonders as they are more powerful than this site and this page.

My tomes are whole and complete as well as being quiet vast.

While articles like this one are excellent, they pale in comparison to a full book of over 290,000 words such as “Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing” (DFRHH).

DFRHH and “pH MADNESS” are the foremost advancements of my work. They stand as educational pillars and standards of natural healing.

Together they contain huge expanses of healing and diagnostic information that include multiple diagnostic and healing techniques that work. Their content is available nowhere else.

Do yourself a favor and acquire both of these works and study them. Make them part of your very being and therefore change your life forever.

Your Friend,
Roger Bezanis
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Home Made Medicine

When we get infections, a bacterium has taken the opportunity to spread based on the immune system being compromised enough for the bacteria to advance. Medicine is a substance that is made more potent based on processing. Chicken soup is medicinal based on this principal. A drug is a mix created in a lab and refined (condensed) to a potent residue that becomes the drug.

Coca leaves are refined and condensed the same way. 7500 pounds of coca leaves renders 2 ½ pounds of cocaine. With this in mind, normal cooking renders mild drugs. This is where the phrase “The cure is in the kitchen” came from. This is also why so many are opting to become Raw Foodists.

Before we had medicine the wise woman or wise man often cooked up concoctions based on the above principals. The Witches of Shakespeare’s Macbeth conjured medicines they called potions.

Anyone with a little experience with herbs and an understanding of the process that brings about homemade medicine can make a personal remedy. If you want to understand all the details of how cooking creates drugs and how the body functions with them, read “pH MADNESS.”

Seen below, is a recipe’ that if mixed and cooked in the kitchen, creates a powerful anti-infection remedy. Some might call it an anti-biotic. It is a powerful immune system aid that you can make at home.

S&R Anti-Infection Recipe’

1 onion thin sliced

1 globe of garlic chopped

Juice of a lemon

2 oz of broccoli chopped

2 oz of cauliflower chopped

Add spices as desired

NOTE: Cayenne is very healing as it warms the system and activates the immune system.

Option 1: 1/4 teaspoon rosemary, oregano, dill weed, 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

Option 2: 1/4 teaspoon dill weed, parsley, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper & 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

Option 3: 1/4 teaspoon cilantro & basil, a pinch of cumin and 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper & 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

Option 4: 1/4 teaspoon basil & thyme 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper & 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

Sautee in a sauce pan until garlic and onion are transparent. Eat a 1/8 cup every hour or every two hours until you feel better and or until the infection clears.

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