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A copy of the second edition sold for $5500.00 one week. A week later another sold for $3800.00. The interest in collecting these tomes is very intense.


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Diagnostic Face Reading First Edition

First Edition
Release Date: 6 April 2005
(very rare)
$650.00 per copy

(limit 1 copies per order while supply lasts)

Limited supply, collectors only- This book was released with 126 Pages but with no pictures… In a face reading book… The book was poorly punctuated with grammatical errors abound. It reads as if it was written entirely from stream of consciousness, because it was. An amazing piece of writing that somehow caught fire.


The 1ST first edition was called back due to mangled printing. If a copy can be found, the book is worth a mint as there were 20 copies unaccounted for before the entire lot was destroyed. The 2nd first edition is almost as rare. Less than ten copies are still in existence.

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Diagnostic 2nd Edition

Second Edition
Release date: 1 Nov 2005 with 157 pages.
(most rare)

$120.00 per copy
(Limit 3 copies per order)
Copies were recently found in an old warehouse

The book offered an 18 page Face Reading Gallery that was far better than earlier editions. Though improved, the book was still written in stream of consciousness. The magnitude of the writing caught absolutely caught fire in the mind of the public. Copies of this book are not easy to find.

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Diagnostic Face Reading Thirf

Third Edition
Release date: 15 Mar 2008 with 336 pages!
$85.00 per copy

(limit 5 copies per order while supply lasts)

An improvement over the first two editions as the book made clear sense and was not written from stream of consciousness. Yet the chapters were jumbled as the same subject did not flow from one chapter to another. The Face Reading Gallery was extensive with 66 pages in total.Most copies of this edition are now gone.

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Diagnostic 4th

Fourth Edition
Release date: 15 May 2009 with 544 pages!
(very, very, very rare )
$250.00 per copy limit 1
per Order
(less than 20 copies still known to exist)

A quantum leap forward in Face Reading! New Cover! New Name (Holistic You is replaced with Holistic Healing). The book hit its stride and was laid out in chronological order, one chapter flowing to the other. Subjects were deeply excavated for understanding. Finally Face Reading made sense. The gallery offered photos with one organ displayed per face. Success stories, diets, detox plans, Iridology and more are included. This book was a major hit. In two months it became the #1 book in the world on Face Reading. Any reader can grasp this book and in short time understand and use its gifts. It sold quickly and because of that is very hard to find classic. This tome is highly sought after.

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Diagnostic Face Reading 5th

Fifth Edition
Release date: 25 May 2010 with 577 pages!
(currently in release)
Get 3 copies of the fifth edition
(List price $49.95 per copy) and receive them in their own leather carrying case. 
$475.00 per
Gift pack!

The book was further refined and is much easier to read than previous editions. This book has all the plus point advancements of the 4th edition with a new up to date cover and internal polishing.The 5th Edition of Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing is the most comprehensive book on the subject of face reading and holistic healing ever written.

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