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Roger Bezanis

Considered the worlds' foremost authority on face reading and the world expert on "Whole Food Raw Foodism," Roger Bezanis has now earned the new moniker of “Professor Ph.” Renowned as a profound author researcher, formulator, healthcare pioneer, educator and mentor Roger Bezanis, in his mini-book "pH MADNESS" has redefined cellular life itself. An iconoclast, he is completely self trained via study of the greatest minds healthcare has ever known. Armed with constant self testing results and empirical data he holds no allegiances or alliances with any group or dogma.

His work in his book "Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing" legendary and is used around the globe. 

When Mr. Bezanis says "it works," it is because empirical testing has borne out these effects time and time again. His interviews found on YouTube and running information feed found on twitter.com are magnets of education. Now offering class validation in his teachings, he has created a legion of new healers unparalleled in their abilities. His health axioms are; lead by example, teach only empirical truth, heal those who ask, dispel the lies of healthcare and stop mans decline into the torment of drugs and surgery. Mr. Bezanis is guided by three basic principles,1) Anyone can heal, 2) Healing starts with education and taking personal responsibility, 3) Exact diagnosis leads to right solutions, which lead directly and only to healing results. 

As a Whole Food Raw Foodist he leads public and professional alike to levels of heath thought impossible to achieve. 

Roger Bezanis the Lecturer’ & Teacher

 Roger Lecture

His lecture career began in 1995 on the Chiropractic circuit. He has now lectured upward of 500 times. As a speaker he is without parallel as he brings his audiences to conceptual understanding of material not heretofore grasped and often not ever considered. His presentations are unique as he is a master at grabbing the attention of his students and can spot if the audience has lost their way via his words. When he speaks of the pH scale it is not only understandable but sage. His ability to make the complex simple is almost other worldly. He may be the most riveting speaking and teacher in health today.